Ways to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi


The best automatic garage doors now connect to your Wi-Fi network. This usually allows you to use your smartphone or a dedicated control panel to open the garage. While this can be very useful, there are times when your garage doors in Los Angeles or anywhere else won’t connect to the wireless network. This will give you some helpful tips to reconnect your garage door.

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Weak Wireless Connection


One of the most common problems with garage door Wi-Fi connections is that the wireless router has a weak signal. This means that the signal is not powerful enough to connect between the router and garage door. While your router might be fine and the garage door hub might be good, the problem is that the signal is not strong enough to bridge the two.


There are various reasons for this. The router may not have enough range to reach the garage door. This is common if the router and garage door are on opposite ends of the house. In this case you may want to get a wireless range extender. Plug it into the wall and it will extend your router’s range.


It might also be that the router isn’t able to point the signal in the right direction. You can often use some tinfoil to block the signal going the wrong way. For example, if the router is by a window, then use some tinfoil there and it should direct the signal appropriately.


Another possible solution is moving the router. Moving the router closer to the garage door opener shortens the distance between them, which makes it easier for the router to connect to the opener. If this is too difficult, then a range extender is a better option. You can also get a stronger router or upgrade your internet service to help with this.

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Thick Walls


Many garages have very thick walls made from concrete and other dense materials. These materials are able to weaken or even block wireless signals. You might have a very strong router and the garage door opener might be close by, but the walls can still block the signal.


Taking down the walls is obviously not going to happen, but there are some things you can do to help connect your SoCal garage doors to your router. This is similar to correcting issues with a weak signal.


A wireless extender might be able to help. Not only does this improve the overall range of your wireless network, but it can also help point the signal appropriately. For example, placing the extender near the door can help bypass the thick walls. This allows the signal to easily get into the garage.


You can also try getting a stronger router so that it can get through the walls, moving the router closer or upgrading your internet service. An extender is probably the easiest solution though.

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Forgot the Network


Often when you’re doing the SoCal garage door installation you will have to enter the wireless network’s name and password. While each system is different, this will normally be done through the app. It’s similar to attaching any other device to your network. Simply open the app or website, select your home’s network, enter the password and wait for it to connect.


This should have been done the first time you installed the opener. If you are having problems with this now, then be sure to check the password. You might be entering it wrong, which will prevent the opener and router from connecting. You should also make sure that your network is working. If other devices can connect, then it should be good.


While rare, there is a chance that the opener will forget your network. This can happen during software upgrades, it might be a random error or maybe you changed your router recently. If this occurred, then go into the opener’s network setting and reconnect the network.


If you still cannot connect your SoCal garage doors with the router, then turn off the opener and let it sit for several minutes. Turn it back on and this might resolve the issue. Sometimes a hard reset allows the opener to reconnect to wireless networks.

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Internet Issues


You might have just noticed that your garage door opener isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi. Many people would then focus on trying to connect their opener, but the problem might be the internet itself. If your router goes down, then every device in your home will also lose connection. You might miss this if you’re only paying attention to your phone because the device has cellular data. This allows it to use the internet even if your router is down.


Check the other devices in your home. You might want to check your computers, gaming systems and anything else that uses the internet. If they aren’t connecting as well, then your internet is down.


In this case, try turning the router off and on. This sometimes corrects the issue. If rebooting the router doesn’t help, then call your internet provider for support. They can sometimes correct the issue right over the phone with their tech team, but other times they might need to send someone out. In either case, this will correct the issue.


Port Issues


This is a very difficult problem if you aren’t technologically savvy. Routers and wireless devices have ports. These allow data to come in and out. Ports open and close as needed and this is normally done to keep your network safe. The problem is that sometimes a port remains closed even if it needs to be open.


The specific port you need to worry about is port 8883. This is used to connect wireless devices and is most commonly used by many garage door opener brands. If the port remains closed, then the opener will be unable to connect to your Pasadena garage doors.


You can go into the router manually through your login credentials and check the ports. You should be able to open this port manually. At the same time, many users have trouble navigating this. It might be easier to call your internet provider to give you support.


While this problem sounds difficult to fix, it’s actually quite easy for someone who knows their way around routers. Don’t give up. If you don’t know how to do it, then just call someone who does and they will be able to open the port for you. This should allow the opener to connect.