Stuck Garage Door? Here Might Be The Causes

October 13, 2021

Your garage doors work well most of the time, but they can occasionally develop problems that make them difficult to operate. One common problem with garage doors is that they can get stuck open. If that happens, you’ll want to know, “where can I find garage door repair near me?” for a fast fix. While you are waiting for help to arrive, you can do some troubleshooting beforehand to try to identify the problem and figure out how to solve it. 

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What Causes Garage Doors to get Stuck? 

 Pasadena garage doors can get stuck for several reasons. If you have electrically operated garage doors, a power outage can affect the performance of your garage doors and cause them to get stuck open. Garage doors can also stick if there is a mechanical problem. Sometimes, a part on the garage door or a component in the mechanical system that operates the doors breaks or gets stuck, which also causes the garage door to get stuck open. 

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Doesn't Open 

 Now that you know some general reasons that might explain why your garage doors are not functioning properly, it's time to take a closer look at some specific causes for your garage door's malfunctioning and how to fix the problem. 


 If your garage door runs on a battery, the garage door may stop working properly if the battery in the clicker dies. There are some other clues that you can look for as well that can tell you whether or not the battery clicker is the underlying problem. Light should illuminate the clicker when you press the button to open or close the garage door. If the light does not come on, you'll want to check the batteries to determine how much longevity they have remaining. 


 Most modern garage doors have a safety mechanism that keeps them from operating if there is an object in the way. Sometimes even having your car parked too close to the garage door can signal the garage door that it's time to go into emergency mode, which is a safety mechanism that keeps the door from operating if there is an object too close to the door's path. The sensors on the garage door can also get dirty, which can also cause them to stop operating properly. Ensure that the sensors are clean and there are no objects in the vicinity to rule out a problem with obstruction. 

Lock Mode 

 Electronic garage doors have a unique feature called Lock Mode. This mechanism is one that you can initiate when you leave for vacation. When the garage door is in Lock Mode, no one will access the garage doors while you are away. Even if you are not planning to go on vacation, it is quite easy to accidentally turn on Lock Mode. Even just bumping into the switch in the dark can trigger the system to turn on Lock Mode. If that happens, you'll need to get in touch with Precision Door Pasadena to have the system turned off again so that you can operate your garage doors. 

Power Outage 

 Suppose the garage door loses power due to a power outage. If the power goes out, it may affect your ability to use the garage doors. In that case, the garage doors may go into safety mode, which means you won't operate them using the clicker and the regular mechanical system. If you do need to open the garage door right away, you can simply pull the red emergency cord located overhead. However, if the garage door is not working correctly and the power is still on, you can do some additional troubleshooting to identify the problem. Check to see that the door opener is still connected to the outlet in the wall, and make sure that the circuit breaker is set to the "on" position. 

Neglected Components 

 If your garage door has not been serviced in a while, the components may need some attention for the doors to start working correctly again. The garage doors contain metal components that may need some lubrication if they have not been checked in a while. The metal rollers on the doors might need to be lubricated with grease as well. If you hear a lot of creaking when you try to open the garage door, lubrication may be the underlying problem. You can get a lubrication kit on your own to grease the components on the garage door if you don't want to spend the money having a professional do the job for you. If you would rather have the garage doors maintained by professionals so that you don't have to worry about it, it's easy to set up regular garage door maintenance with the pros. 

Derailed Track System 

 Garage doors use a track system made of springs and rollers to operate. The springs are moving parts that are subject to breaking due to old age or regular wear and tear. If the springs on the door break, the door won't be able to function correctly. An excellent way to see if this is your problem is to look at the springs and rollers' track. The track should be clear of any obstructions. You can also check the track for proper alignment. Contact a professional for repairs if you see that the springs and rollers are out of normal position. 

 If you need Pasadena garage door repair, don't hesitate to make an appointment. Precision Door Pasadena is a local company servicing residential garage doors in the greater LA area. With a friendly and helpful staff to assist, your garage doors will be operational again in no time.