Disability-Friendly SoCal Garage Door Installation

SoCal Garage Door

Finding disability-friendly SoCal garage doors and Pasadena garage doors may seem like a difficult task. However, there are many garage doors in Los Angeles available for those who have disabilities or those with family members who may have disabilities.


Automatic Garage Door

One of the most advantageous installations for households with disabled family members and tenants is an automatic door. Although traditional garage door buttons, switches, and remote-controlled systems are seemingly fairly simple to operate, they may potentially cause trouble and become difficult for your disabled counterparts to use. Automatic garage doors are extremely ideal and disability-friendly since they require very little to no effort to open and close as they are sensor-operated. If you should opt for an automatic garage door, it is best that you invest in high-quality sensors so that they are easily detectable. It is also highly advisable that you test your automatic garage door sensors on a regular basis to ensure that they are working properly and without dilemma.

SoCal Garage Door

Smart Garage Door

Similar to automatic garage doors, smart garage doors allow for easy access for individuals who have disabilities. If you or a loved one has difficulty with traditional garage door clickers and switches due to disability or for any other reason, installing a smart door system may be an option to keep into consideration. Instead of clicking buttons or switch functions to open and close your garage door, smart doors are operated by a smartphone or tablet. Smart door systems are usually operated through a specific app that you use on an electronic device and the smart door machinery.

The “smart” technology of the door allows for individuals to open and close the garage door within close proximity or wider distances. The technology also has the ability to alert you if your garage door has been left open. If you or another individual has a memory-related disability, you may be eligible for certain substantial security upgrades that allow you to check your garage door security upgrades that allow you to check your garage door security from anywhere at any time.


Widen Garage Door or Garage Doorway

If you or another individual is disabled, it might be a good idea to widen your garage door and/or doorway that leads from your garage to your home. Widening your doorway is beneficial for disabled individuals as it is usually necessary to have wider doorways for wheelchair-bound family members to enter the premises without inconvenience.

When widening your garage doorway, you should always keep in mind that the doorway that leads from the garage to the house must be at least 32 inches wide. You can widen your garage doorway by temporarily removing the door, installing new hinges that are typically swing-away hinges, inverting the swings of the door so that it opens wider, removing any woodstock that may be around the doorway, and replacing the current door with a wider one.

SoCal Garage Door

Emergency Release Pull Cord

Having a release pull cord for your garage door can be of great value whenever potential emergencies arise. Emergency release pull cords are helpful when automatic garage door systems fail as they are manual and can open garage doors quickly for easy exit and entrance. Since emergency release pull cords are typically placed at standing level, it may be too high for disabled individuals. It is advised that the cord should be extended and kept at ground level for easy accessibility for those with disabilities.


Advanced Garage Door Security Features

Adding or improving your garage door security features can guarantee a safe and secure garage door for your home. Some security features that you can install on or near your garage door include wireless garage keypads, pin codes, biometric scanning, motion-activated cameras, and garage door lights. Some of these security features can increase a disabled individual’s accessibility for simple access that doesn’t require keypads or remotes that may often be difficult to use. Other garage door security features can simply provide additional security insurance for potential burglars and other intruders.


Advanced and Automated Lighting

Installing advanced and automated lighting is a great way to further ensure your garage door security. The automated lights are usually LED lights that work by using sensor detection. Once motion has been detected, the lights will turn on accordingly. This can be extremely helpful when trying to frighten potential intruders as the light makes them visible and can scare them away or help to alert homeowners if there is someone near your garage door and for you to be able to see and possibly gain a description of an intruder, serving as further security.

Additional lighting like lighting from garage window installations can also be highly beneficial for disabled individuals in regards to having the best visibility when maneuvering inside and outside of the garage with ease.



Applying certain types of insulation to your garage door can be highly beneficial for disabled individuals. Installing extra installation such as fiberglass, wood, or lightweight metal options in your garage door helps to keep out the elements. This is especially helpful for those with disabilities during the colder months should the loading and unloading trips take a little longer.



Installing a ramp connecting to your garage door can be highly serviceable to those with disabilities. Because homes are built higher than garages so that potentially harmful gases do not enter the home, installing a ramp is crucial for individuals who are disabled.

When building a ramp for disabled tenants, you should always adhere to the safe slope requirements. The requirement is typically 12 inches of ramped surface space for every inch of the ramp’s rise. The landing at both the top and the bottom of the ramp should be at least 5×5 feet. If the ramp has any turns, another landing should be built accordingly.


Walk-Through Garage Doors

Walk-through doors are simply smaller doors that are built into your garage door and can be used without opening the actual garage door. This is especially ideal for those with disabilities that require the use of a wheelchair as walk-through garage doors allow for quick entry and exit.


Home Improvement Grants

If the typical pricing for home renovations is a little too steep, you can always apply for home improvement grants to renovate your garage. Oftentimes, these home renovation grants are able to make your garage door and doorway larger in order to be more accessible for those who may be in a wheelchair. Most grants will cover wheelchair ramp and/or lift expenses to make it easier for disabled individuals to travel around vehicles that may be in the garage.