The Types of Garage Door Openers Explained

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Garage doors openers play an essential role in ensuring that you can move your vehicle out or in with ease. Door openers are different, although they play a similar role. Understanding the different types of door openers provides you with the necessary information to help you make a better choice when you are replacing or upgrading your garage door opener. This information will also enlighten you on how these garage door openers function. Read on to understand the different types of garage door openers today.


Chain Drive Garage Door Openers | Garage Doors in Simi Valley

Chain-driven openers use the older form of technology that is available in the market for garage door openers. However, this does not mean that these openers are not effective. Unlike other openers that use belts, this opener uses chains that move along the shaft when opening and closing the door. The chain-driven garage door openers have now integrated technology to improve effectiveness. The newer versions of chain-driven openers produce less noise, and they can be operated remotely.

Most houses still utilize this technology because they are reliable and they can move relatively heavy doors. These garage door openers are affordable compared to other types of garage doors in the market. Unlike other models in the market, chain-driven openers do not break down easily.

This opener can last longer than other openers if there are properly maintained. However, chain-driven openers can be a nuisance if they are not well taken care of. They are more susceptible to rust and produce a lot of noise. This garage opener may not be an excellent choice for people who find noise irritating distracting. However, these openers are ideal for garages that are detached from the house.

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Belt Drive Garage Drive Garage Door Openers

Chain drives and belt drive plays similar roles, only that the belt drive uses rubber belts to open or close the garage door. The upwards and downward movement of the door is activated by a switch. Unlike the chain drive, the belt drive utilizes new technology, and its moving parts are fewer and smaller. Installing this opener saves you money as it reduces maintenance costs.

Belt drives garage openers are an excellent choice if you are easily distracted by noise. Belt drives produce less noise, and they are more efficient. The movement of the garage door is relatively fast, and it is recommended to homeowners who have less space for their garage doors in Simi Valley. The only drawback of installing this garage opener is that its initial cost is high. However, this opener will save you money in the long run because it requires less maintenance which keeps the bills down.


Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Jackshaft is different from belt and chain and belt-driven garage door openers, which use mounted trolleys to open or close the door. This opener does not use chain rails or belts to move the door. Jackshafts have a motor that is mounted to torsion tubes that are located on the sides of the door. These torsions are activated by a motor which in turn opens or closes the garage door.

Jackshafts have a reputation of being less noisy compared to belt drives. It also requires little or no maintenance since it has smaller moving parts. This opener is ideal for homeowners that are looking to save on vertical space in the garage.

Most millennial homeowners may prefer this garage door opener because it is flashy and keeps your garage neat. The garage door also works faster compared to belt drive. The newer models of jackshaft garage door openers have integrated the latest technology that allows you to operate the opener a few paces away from it.

Most people may shy away from installing this garage door opener due to its cost. However, homeowners may save money in the long run from reduced costs of frequent repairs. Jackshafts are not easily compatible with most garage doors. The headroom of your garage should be high and can only operate on a door that has a track radius of more than 15 inches. Ensure that you purchase a jackshaft garage door opener from a dealer that has a good return policy.

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Screw Drive Garage Door Opener

The trolley in this garage door opener moves on a threaded rod. It also has an electric motor that rotates the threaded steel motor. This opener is preferred due to its simplicity, and you do not need a professional to do the repairs. This opener has also been rated as speediest since it can open the garage door at a speed of 9 to 11-in per second. Chain-driven and belt-driven openers open and close at 7 to 8 in per seconds

One advantage of using a screw-driven opener is that it can move heavy and large garage doors. This opener is not noisy and can be installed near a bedroom. You can minimize the noise produced by the movements of this opener by applying a lubricant. The device has fewer moving parts which make it energy efficient. You should install this garage door opener if your space is limited.

Screw drives are not ideal if your budget is tight since they are also expensive to install. This opener is also prone to malfunctioning if they are not well lubricated and maintained. screw-driven openers are not recommended in regions that have fluctuating temperatures because they are sensitive to temperatures. However, manufactures have improved the sensitivity in the newer models of screw-driven openers.

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Direct-Drive Garage Door Openers

This garage door opener uses a motor as the only movable part, making it quieter compared to other openers. This allows you to sneak home late or leave early without disturbing your family members or neighbors. It is also reliable since it only uses the motor to move the door and does not require lubrication.

Direct-drive garage door openers are ideal in homes that have children. It has a sensor that stops the garage door when it detects motions around the door. This prevents accidents from occurring. The disadvantage of this garage door opener is that it is relatively expensive compared to other openers. There are also not readily available in the market.


 Direct-Current and Alternating Current Powered Garage Door Openers

These garage doors in Simi Valley are slowly taking over the market. These openers use a motor to open the garage door. The AC-powered openers require less maintenance, and they are more durable than DC-powered motors. However, the DC motors require less energy to rotate the door. These openers can also be controlled with a smartphone, and they can be connected to a power backup.