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Six Garage Door Security Items and How They Work

As hearty and safe as manufacturers make today’s garage doors, you still have options to improve garage door security. You can pick and choose the features you want to add to Simi Valley garage doors, and some may surprise you since they don’t involve locks or reinforcing materials. Let’s consider the best options to add to the secure nature of your garage door.

Frosted Windows

Frosted windows obscure the view into your garage but still let in natural light. A frosted window blocks the view inside your garage so burglars cannot tell when it holds no cars – a sign of an empty house perfect to rob.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Choosing a smart garage door opener lets you monitor activity while locking the door behind you when you leave. Sure, a burglar can still force the door open or hack into the system for the passcode, but a smart garage door opener comes with an app for your cell phone that alerts you when someone opens the door, whether with another garage door opener or by force. Have a firm specializing in garage door repair in Los Angeles install your home’s smart garage door opener.

Garage Door Locks for Manual Doors

Even garage doors with the manual operation – those that use a handle to open – can contain a lock in the handle. These require a physical key to enter the garage. Older manual models also can use a lock on the garage’s interior such as a slide lock.

Multi-point Locking Systems

Install more than one lock. If you have a new garage door installed, most modern designs afford you the option of at least two lock systems. You can optionally add more locks. Opt for at least two locks on the garage door.

Euro Profile Cylinder Locks

Make at least one of the locks on the garage door a Euro profile cylinder lock. This type of garage door lock prevents thieves from drilling the main lock open. With this type of lock as the primary on the garage door, the intruder can’t bore through the locking mechanism, even if they remove the garage door’s outer lock.

Locking Rods

Use locking rods rather than cables to make it tougher to break into your garage. Automated doors offer more security than manual options. It’s the motor that offers security since it requires a remote control to start, and the door can’t open manually. A garage installation and repair company can help you add these rods to your Pasadena garage doors.

Garage Door Tips

While some items require a Burbank garage repair company to install, your own activity also enhances security. Always lock your garage. Here are a few other tips to help you make your garage safer.

1. Lock the door between your home and garage to add a measure of security. If an intruder does enter your garage, they’ll have a tougher time getting into the main area of your home if they also must break through a steel-core door.

2. Install motion-detecting floodlights in your front yard. intruders prefer darkness, so using solar-powered floodlights ensures they can’t cut power to the home to make it dark.

3. Avoid leaving the garage door opener remote control in your car or outside of your home. Storing an extra in the mailbox or under a faux rock just isn’t safe.

Make your Los Angeles area home safer with these garage door security items and tips. Get started today.